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The Team of Gardeneer

Ravery UG

Ravery UG is a young two person game development company located near Frankfurt, Germany. We are currently developing Gardeneer.
Previously we have released a playable demo version of our cyberpunk arcade shooter Amberlight Hyperskill: [WebGL WIP Version]


I am a game developer and CEO of Ravery UG.

For Gardeneer I'm designing gameplay features, do the programming and 3D modelling.

I love games with interesting systems, some challenge and the possibility to be creative.
My favorite games are currently:
Factorio, Minecraft, Rimworld and Heroes of the Storm

For me Gardeneer is an important project, because it combines a creative, feel-good gameplay, with a realistic simulation and may teach players gardening skills, applicable in real life.

Anna Sorg

I am a developer of Gardeneer and responsible for the plant growth models, some marketing and quality assurance.

I am studying Biochemistry and like spending time in the garden and doing outdoor activities.

Working on Gardeneer is a thrilling and delightful journey to me.

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