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All crops in the game have unique needs regarding sunlight, soil composition, watering, fertilizer, temperature and others. Some plants benefit from their neighbors. You get to know those needs and characteristics by playing and you can apply these skills in real life without accidentally killing off real plants.

Did you know:
"Undesired" plants like nettles aren’t just rambling weeds, they can be used as fertilizer, as feeding plants for your caterpillars and as tea.
Did you know:
Grass isn't just decoration, it strengthens the soil and reduces aridification during dry periods and it can feed your livestock.

Simulation Model

Plant growth is simulated using realistic models from agriculture, horticulture and botany. You can use different soils, fertilizers and irrigation techniques to improve your plants' well being and increase your harvest. See section science and learning.
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Detailed plant informations

As a plant grows from a sappling to the harvest the demand for resources changes and you should choose the amount of water and soil accordingly. You don't have to do it all over again: You can choose to automate it, using a successful method, you've previously discovered. Or you can try a new approach.

The environment plays an important role as well. A mild climate provides a good amount of rain, but some plants need to be sheltered in a greenhouse. A hot climate requires heavy use of irrigiation, but some plants thrive due to the increased sunlight.
On Mars your whole garden is a giant green house and you even have to use artificial light and water recyclers to maintain the system.
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Did you know:
Chicken manure contains potassium, phosphorus and much nitrogen, making it a very good addition to your compost.

Make your garden a home for animals like chickens and bees. Sell the products to the market or craft them into different items. Some eggs, wheat, sugar and apples make a delicious pie.

Animals around a pond

Bees thrive in a garden with flowers, shrubs and trees. As they fly around and collect nectar bees pollinate your plants, helping them reproduce and increasing the quality. Their honey can be sold as a spread on bread. Combine honey and water to make honey wine or flavor it with fruit juices from your garden to create tasty variations.

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