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The gardening game in development

Latest Update: Building structures in Gardeneer

Gardeneer is a fun and relaxing game about gardening. It is an upcoming first person game in development, in which you can learn how to foster plants and design your dream garden. All plant species and animals have their unique needs and can benefit from each other.

From watering pots to hydroponic gardens, from a single sapling to lush green fields, from your balcony to a Mars colony, Gardeneer lets you experience the joy and many facets of gardening.

Gardeneer is planned to be released for Microsoft Windows 10, Apple's macOS and Linux.

If you are interested in Gardeneer and the upcoming Kickstarter Project to fund the development of the game:

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Plants & Animals

Plants and Animals
You can plant a variety of vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and spices in the game.
Take care of animals like chickens, sheep and bees.


Science & Learning

Science and Learning
Learn the basics and extend your knowledge:
From basic watering to plant synergies and fertilizers.


Missions & Challenges

Missions and Challenges
Test your gardening skills in interesting locations:
In a garden, your balcony or even on Mars.


Tools & Structures

Tools and Structures
From watering cans to irrigation systems.
From ceramic pots to hydroponic assemblies.


Weather & Time

Weather and Time
Changing weather and a day night cycle add interesting challenges and opportunities to gardening.


Modify Terrain

Modify Terrain
Paths, beds, mounds and ponds can be build and arranged freely.



Ricard Anna
The developers of Gardeneer:
Ricard and Anna